Well, if this is an about me page then let me get right to it…I’m Woody Lifton and if you are a Beatles fan you might have heard of me. Back 2002 I created a Beatles Radio series that was called “The Best Beatles radio series I have ever heard” by Ronnie at Ear Candy Magazine. Not too bad, the show, Pop Go the Beatles, was also reviewed in Beatlology Magazine, Octopus’ Garden and Steve Marinucci’s abbeyrd.com. All the reviews were great.

What made the show so great? As a first generation Beatles fan I spent years collecting anything unusual recorded by the Beatles, alternate studio takes and mixes, live in-concert and BBC radio performances plus unheard interviews and press conferences. When i put my show together I never used an original album track which allowed me to tell the story of the creation of the Beatles music from a completely different angle.

This brought a lot of recognition and a lot of sales of the shows. I had begun selling the shows via the internet and it was a nice little side business…UNTIL…EMI/Capitol decided they didn’t want me to continue selling my product….so..what now…how do you go from creating the Best Beatles radio show to doing nothing…I could not.

So I started building the Biggest, Best and Most Unusual Beatles Website Anywhere! And that’s what this blog is about and right now that’s what I’m about. Of course, I do have a life away from this computer but that stuff I keep private. Except to let you know that my partner and web designer is my wife Ilene and we think we make a great couple and a great website.

So, check it out and let me know what you think.


Just a quick update…my neighbor Angela who is an Event Planner and Travel Coordinator saw our website and suggested that we put together a Beatles Tribute Cruise. Well, not only did we put it together but it was a smah hit. This blog has morphed into a very important part of the information that is part of the cruise!

If you are a Beatles fan, do yourself a favor check it out, join us for what will be the best vacation of your life.

Beatles Tribute Cruise website!


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