Another Story about the Beatles

When you operate a fairly popular Beatles website ( you get all kinds of interesting emails. No, not the ones about increasing traffic to the website or increasing the size of my…well…if you get any emails you know what I’m talking about. The latest was a story for a guy who had chance encounter with the Beatles in 1960. His name is Bill Munnoch and here is the story he sent me.

Hi Woody,

I went to a concert at the Northern Meeting rooms in Inverness and Nairn, about May 1960 and I was almost finished my army basic training at Fort George. We were in uniform and looking for girls aftter being stuck in camp for 3 months and best place then was dance halls. After the 2nd concert I was outside having a ciggie leaning against an old scruffy van when I was approached by a real scruff carrying a guitar. He placed the guitar in the van then asked me for a light for his fag. I remember it was his last one, we chatted for a while and he told me his name was Paul Moran (Paul used the stage name Paul Ramone for a while in 1960…WL) or something like that. A short time later along came this tall skinny guy and he placed a guitar in the van, asked Paul for a fag, told there was none left, turned to me and scrounged 1 from me. He said his name was John Lennon. He then asked me about my uniform and was it true you Jocks don’t wear anything under their Kilts.I replied the RSM would have our guts for garters if we wore anything, when he then leaned over and attempted to lift the hem of my kilt, I told him to bugger off and laughing he then asked me if I had saw the show. I told him I had saw them twice,and that someone called Gentle (I forgot his first name…it was Johnny…WL)who was the top of the bill was better than them. I remember telling Lennon that they would never amount to anything in the rock ‘n roll world and they would be better going home and joining the army or getting a real job, as they were really crap. Lennon’s reply was prophetic he told me that “You will hear a lot more about us sooner than you think Jock, that I guarantee”. I then said I had to go and get a bus back to camp before I was marked absent. I handed Paul a few ciggies and a box of matches because I felt quite sorry for them as they looked in need of a good feed and skint.

There you are Woody all true, my sons have been asking me to tell this story as they love to hear it when they bring my grandchildren to dinner, and now you know it.

So….what do you think…can any of my British friends tell me about this show?


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