Off to the Fest!

Well, tomorrow I’m flying off to Chicago to the Fest for Beatles fans and I’m really looking forward to it. If you are a Beatles fan and have never been to a Fest then you are really missing out on something. I’ll be meeting with Laurence Juber, Tony Bramwell and Joe Johnson who will all be joining us for Beatles Tribute Cruise 2011 this coming March. Plus I’ll get to say hi to BTC 2010 guests Paul Saltzman and Jorie Gracen. There are also quite a few of our BTC 2010 cruisers like Gigi Wong Monaco and Susie Lewis who I’ll get to spend some time with.

I also have a few people to thank for their generous contributions to BTC 2o1o. Russ Lease of and Jon Polk of Beatles Box of Vision are the first two I’ll be looking for to say thank you to.  Russ donated one of his fantastic Beatles Shea Stadium Jackets and Jon two of his beautiful Beatles Box of Visions. They were the hit of the huge raffle we held and all of our winners were very grateful to have won their prizes (right Jimmy and Josh)

I’ll be visiting with with all my favorite authors like Bruce Spizer, Jude Kessler and Chris O’Dell just to name a few.

I’ll takes lots of pictures and maybe a video or two and post them on the Beatles Tribute Cruise Facebook page so stay tuned for my reports from the Fest.

In case you missed it here is a great article on the cruise written by Mike Gerard of about the Beatles Tribute Cruise!


Beatles Tribute Cruise!


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