BeatExpo 2009

To all my Beatles loving friends in my home area, the Northeast, I have great news. Charles Rosenay of Liverpool Productions is bringing “BeatExpo 2009” to you. On Saturday and Sunday November 28th and 29th Charles will bring a great line-up of Beatles guests, 60’s Icons and Beatles Tribute bands to Stamford Conn.

For as little as $15 a day you can spend two days with:

Sid Bernstien: Promoter who brought the Beatles to Carnegie hall in 1964 and Shea Stadium in 1965 and 1966

Shannon: the World’s Greatest Beatles Artist, she just had her name placed on the Cavern Club’s Wall of Fame …the first non-musician to ever be honored this way. Shannon will also be on the Beatles Tribute Cruise leaving Ft Lauderdale on 3/28/10


Jude Kessler: Author of “Shoulda Been There”  the incredible first of 5 books to be devoted to the life of John Lennon.


Dennis Ferrante: John Lennon’s recording engineer

Greg Hawkes: From The Cars, played with Paul McCartney on Flowers in the Dirt

Peter Tork: of THE MONKEES

Butch Patrick: Played Eddie Munster on The Munsters and is a huge fan and collector of Beatles merchandise

Clay Cole: Legendary Rock n Roll pioneer who had  the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on the same show

Russ lease with his Beatle Suits collection

Russ's Suits

Gary Hein and over 50 other dealers of every kind of Beatles merchandise you can think of.

Not enough for you? You say “what about some Beatles music?” Do you really think Charles would forget that?

There are four great Beatles Tribute Bands all lined for your enjoyment:

**The Beatles Forever Band (featuring former members of the Neatles)

**Octopus’ Garden

**Tim Palmieri’s “Beatles A-Z Song Book Show”


This is a great line up put together by Charles that is guaranteed to Please Please You and we all know that everything Charles does…he does with class and style.

So head over to the to the Stamford Connecticut Holiday Inn (the Holiday Inn is offering great rates if you choose to stay overnight) just 30 miles from Laguardia Airport and celebrate the fans, the music and the magic of the Beatles and the Sixties.

BeatExpo 2009


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