John Planned to Reunite the Beatles

May Pang’s disclosure rewrites history of the most influential pop music group

by Rip Rense
(May 2, 2008)
copyright 2008 Rip Rense, The Rip Post

Former John Lennon paramour May Pang revealed that Lennon—the man who instigated The Beatles’ break-up—actively planned to reunite them in 1974, but that “logistics” got in the way.
This is the first report ever that Lennon not only wanted to make new Beatles music, but planned to do it.
Pang’s revelation came during a lengthy interview with Casey Piotrowski, host of the nationally syndicated weekly radio program, “The Beatles Show,” in which she said that the ex-Beatle wanted to record one new song with the group as a prelude to a possible formal reunion.
“If one (song) comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another,” Lennon said, according to Pang. “It was to be behind the scenes. A quick one-off, and let’s see from there.”

In a follow-up interview with The Rip Post, Pang confirmed the reunion story, and added that Lennon considered upstate New York, possibly Syracuse, as site for the new Beatles session. There was no talk of song titles, and the plan never got past the talking stage, but Pang said it was clear that this was something Lennon “absolutely” intended to do.

“John really thought about it at one point, and we were considering it early on in ’74, just for the hell of it,” said 57-year-old Pang, reached in New York. “Harry Nilsson wanted to be a part of it. We said, oh, that would be a good idea—a one-off, and we would do it in the fall. We were thinking about upstate New York, like Syracuse, because Ringo couldn’t be in New York City. We were in the middle of a lawsuit and he didn’t want to be subpoenaed.”
The astonishing revelation is not in Pang’s new book of snapshots and short reminiscences based on her time with Lennon, “Instamatic Karma” (St. Martin’s), and was not in her first book about Lennon, “Loving John,” published in 1983. She has not mentioned it in other recent interviews.
“It could just be that no one ever asked the question of her before: did John ever speak about reuniting the Beatles?” said radio host Piotrowski. “The remarks (to me) came so naturally and were so unrehearsed that I absolutely believe them. And, if she was just trying to sell the book, she would have put that information in there.”
Asked why the report had not come out before, Pang said she erroneously thought she had included it in her first book, “Loving John.”

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  1. 1 Georgie October 12, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    The day that I die,I would like Bells to be rung..In the end of the end (sir Paul McCartney)

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