Domino- The Bobby Whitlock Story to be released soon!

Once in a while I get these ideas in my head that require following through to determine the possibility of completion and success. Some of those ideas many of you are already familiar with. Like my radio show Pop Go the Beatles or my website or our Beatles Tribute Cruise (

This idea comes from my recent contact (via Facebook) with Bobby Whitlock who was a member of Derek and the Dominoes and co-wrote many of the songs on Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. During that time frame in the early 70’s there was a group of musicians who seemed to appear on a tremendous number of very well received albums. This core group appeared on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Delaney and Bonnie, Dave Mason’s Alone Together and of course Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. I’m still in the process of formulating how this article will go and what it will cover (and what will be the point…good idea to have a point or a purpose) but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The story for today is that I did contact Bobby Whitlock and asked him if he would consent to an interview for this article. Well, anyway here’s how it went and what I learned. Here’s my first contact with Bobby Whitlock:

Wanted to thank you for your response in reference to Debra Hunter (what a nutjob). I was able to take all the info I received and turn it into a terrific article which you can read @
Anyway, I have an idea for another article called “Mad Dogs and Dominoes” which talks about the group of musicians that all appeared on “All Things Must Pass”…”Mad Dogs and Englishmen”… “Derek and The Dominoes” and “Delaney and Bonnie” albums. Was wondering if you would consent to an email interview on this subject?


Bobby Responded this way:

I have a lot of stories that are going to be in my book that I have written already…I don’t think it wise that I do an interview with the same material that will be in my book…I am going to have to respectfully decline your request…BW….

My interest was piqued, so I probed a little deeper….

Totally understand….when is the book coming out…I’ll be looking forward to it and would love to help you promote it…I have a rather large following of Beatles fans and obviously your story would be of great interest to that crowd!
BTW…do you have a problem with me pursuing this article on my own?


I half expected him to say “Stay away from it, just leave it alone.” But instead he said

I read your article about that woman..So she’s laying low now…That’s not surprising at all…Please do go ahead and write whatever you feel like writing…My book is coming out next year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Layla…Marc Roberts is my editor…But then that woman Debrah has probably already told you all about the anniversary coming…Perhaps that’s why she’s laying low…She is probably writing her own 40th anniversary piece…BW….

So, here’s what important about this conversation and I guess I’m breaking the news about it:

“Bobby Whitlock has written a book telling the behind the scenes stories of the making of Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs as well as his time working with George Harrison and other musicians to be released on the 40th Anniversary of the Layla’s release in March of 2011.”

A few days later I received an update from Bobby Whitlock:

It came to me on the way back from the coffee store that I never gave you the title of my book~It’s “Domino” ~The Bobby Whitlock Story~…I figure that is you are going to be the guy that I had better let you have the best part to run with…BW

This is one book that I cannot wait to get my hands on! At last report from Bobby the book should be released at the end of 2010 which is the 40th Anniversary of “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”

Don’t forget to read the story on the link above…it’s a real doozy!



3 Responses to “Domino- The Bobby Whitlock Story to be released soon!”

  1. 1 Norm June 7, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I found this book a compelling and informative read. Clapton’s autobiography is very thin on the Dominos period – perhaps Eric cant remember much from that time! – which is surprising since many people feel that the D&D music was magic and arguably the best of EC’s career, to date. There was certainly a chemistry there. Whitlock tells us a very great deal, including why it all came to an end so abrubtly. Nevertheless, neither BW nor EC have fully explained why they never worked together again until 2000. Maybe it has much to do with their lifestyles then and incidents back in the 70s. BW was much more than just a sideman to EC, he wrote half the Layla album songs and his vocal contribution was just amazing. Their fans live in hope that there will be a reunion concert, or even a tour, one day. If their one-off performance on Later with Jools (see it on You Tube) was anything to go by, it would be sensational. That set was only rehearsed once, and BW was ill at the time. Its a shame that BW has been ‘off the scene’ for so long.

    In answer to Guitttarman, I would say that maybe you have an axe to grind… because there is a great deal more to the book than a character destruction of Delaney Bramlett. BW’s attitude to DB in the book is complex; he praises his musicianship,says that he looked up to him, recognises the opportunity that DB gave him, but claims that DB attempted to stitch him up contractually, and that DB was ‘less than kind’ to both his first wife Bonnie and second, CoCo. BW repeatedly denies the adultery claim, at least while CoCo and DB were still together. However, he went on to marry CoCo, so this is a complicated story!

    The book contains some very frank, perhaps cathartic, self-analysis. Whitlock has had chequered life and encountered many highs (!) as well as tragedy and turmoil.

  2. 2 Just a Guitttarist April 30, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    I found Bobby’s book predictable, because I had been reading the same crap in this online forum that Whitlock was in.

    More than an auto-bio, I found it a book mainly dedicated to slamming the guy that brought Bobby out from the south and started his career by letting him in his band, Delaney.

    …but there are a few things that Bobby conveniently forgot to include for some reason or another…UNLESS I missed it and I don’t believe I did?

    Can anyone tell me what chapter BW tells how he slept with Delaney Bramletts’s wife, (CoCo Carmel) and how DB’s studio was broken into … masters, equipment stolen, etc … no … I didn’t think he was talking about that! And notice … he didn’t have the balls to say anything while Delaney was alive!

    Maybe you can shoot Mr. Whitlock and address those questions to him and see what he says…

  3. 3 nello June 8, 2010 at 7:27 am

    Super to hear about the book …I have been an avid fan for last 40 years………………I bought the layla book recently and was disapointed that it had no photographs also Clapton’s book did not go into details…….I was also wondering what Bobby did after he went to see Eric and Eric did not come down to see him at Hurtwood



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