The Fest and the Beatles Tribute Cruise

OK…so I’m back from the Fest…I’m still exhausted and still on Cloud Nine…I finally got to meet the World’s Greatest Beatles Artist “Shannon”. She had a surprise for me, she is coming out with her first book of pictures in March and the first stop on her international book tour is our Beatles Tribute Cruise.

Then I got to meet Nancy Lee Andrews, (Ringo’s girlfriend of 7 years) who May Pang suggested I invite to join us on the cruise. Now, not only is she incredibly sweet and down to earth but she cannot wait to go on the cruise…And, get this, she has agreed to do a question and answer session with May on our Cruise.

Next up is Jude Kessler Southerland the author of “Shoulda Been There” an incredibly in-depth novel based on the life of John Lennon. She is also telling me that she cannot wait for this cruise and everybody in the marketplace is talking about my cruise. Now she offers to do a reading from her book and invites me to see her presentation as sort of an audition. Little did I know that she would pull me up on stage at the end to plug the cruise. So, I did and it got quite a buzz from the crowd!

Then Chris and Danny from BritBeat pop in to see me and go over the ever growing list of things I’m requesting them to do while on the cruise. They love the set list for our Costume/Dance Party that I put together and Chris, who does an uncanny Paul…yes he is a natural lefty, says to me this is going to be a kick-ass party. I explain the “In the Studio/Karaoke Session” I’ll need them for and they also agree to do a Beatles Guitar Workshop while on board. So please, bring your guitars with you! The next thing you know Randy their manager says “Hold on a minute I want you to talk to someone, here’s Pete Bests’ brother Roag.” Roag and I talk for a little while I give him all the details and he tells me that Pete is very interested in coming along. Now I do not believe in counting my chickens before they hatch but “Holy Beatles Batman” this could mean Pete will be joining us…Tune in Next Week..Same Bat time…Same Bat Channel for this update.

Then onto another old friend Ron Campbell the Director of the Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoons and an animator for Yellow Submarine. We’re working out a way for Ron to bring his wife along so he can have some company. He’s a few years older then most of us, so I want him to feel comfortable.

I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve now got May Pang, Nancy Lee Andrews, Shannon, Paul Saltzman and Jude Kessler, BritBeat and maybe Pete Best…what a line up!

As I go into one of the other rooms up comes Jorie Gracen, who I’ve known since my radio show and she says to me “I heard about your cruise…is there room for me?”. Now I love Jorie and as Paul’s photographer for almost every one of his tours she offers to do a Q & A session and tell stories about that no one knows. So of course I say, “Jorie I wouldn’t dream of having this cruise without you…please join us”

Ok…here we go along with the group I mentioned just before we also will have Jorie Gracen, maybe Ron Campbell and I’m still trying to convince Eric Cash to join us as well.

That’s our line-up and I’ve added events like:

May Pang and Nancy Lee Andrews Q & A session

Shannon’s book tour

Jude Kessler’s book reading

Jorie Gracen’s behind the lens with Paul

Paul Saltzman’s “The Beatles In India Slide show”

And Beatles Guitar Workshop with BritBeat…

Think you want to join us?

Then don’t wait…don’t hesitate and by all means don’t be late…head right over to and book your room now!

You only need to put down a deposit to hold the room and pay the Beatles Event Fee…then you can pay off your cabin as you go along!
Three cruise for less then two!
This is a 6 night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s newest ship the Independence of the Seas!
You get three performances with “BritBeat”
You can hang out with our guests…they will not be hiding in their cabins!
We are raising money for the Dara Roberts Fund on this cruise. I’m hoping to give her close to $10,000 for her college education!

Nancy Lee Andrews
Jude Southerland Kessler
Jorie Gracen
Ron Campbell
Shannon’s Book cover
Jorie and Nancy

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  1. 1 mu August 19, 2009 at 2:13 am

    how i would like to be on this cruise!

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