The Beatles Tribute Cruise is On!

Ok…it’s official…the Beatles Tribute Cruise is on…that’s right…Now you can Picture Yourself in a Boat on …the Atlantic Ocean and All your Beatles friends are aboard. That’s right on 3/28/10 we’ll board Royal Caribbean’s beautiful Independence of the Seas for 6 nights of Beatles Music, Artists, Photographers and Authors. We’ll have America’s Greatest Beatles Tribute Band “BritBeat” who will play three concerts just for a select group (our events our private functions and not open to all the guests on the cruise) and some great Beatles guests….I’m talking with

“Shannon- The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist”

Paul Saltzman- the author of “The Beatles In Rishikesh”…he also took some incredibly intimate pictures of the Beatles while with them in India

Eric Cash- the artist who created “The Introduction” depicting the first meeting of John and Paul

Ron Campbell- Director of the Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoons and animator for Yellow Submarine”

And if that were not enough we are also talking to

May Pang and Pete Best!

Wow, what a line up!

You can check out the details of the cruise and stay up to date with our planned events @

“A Splendid Time is Guaranteed For All”


BTW…don’t miss out on our early booking specials!



1 Response to “The Beatles Tribute Cruise is On!”

  1. 1 Ilene October 5, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    This cruise is gonna be a blast…Can hardly wait to “set sail”…

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