I’m off to the Fest in Chicago and a Seacruise!

So, here I am trying to put together a Beatles cruise for April 2010. Talking to people like Eric Cash, the creator of that great Beatles painting called “The Introduction” (it depicts the introduction of John and Paul from inside the Woolton Church in June of 1957) and “Shannon” The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist”. Everyone I talk to says “I’d love to meet you, will you be at the Chicago Beatlefest? (I still call it Beatlefest as I was at the first one and many other early ones in NY). I finally said to my wife “If one more person asks me about the Fest I’m going”. Next up is John from Beatlecartoons.com and he is telling me about his experience with another Beatles cruise he has been on and then says “You know, you’ve given us so much free publicity, I’d love to meet you (you guessed it) WILL YOU BE AT THE FEST IN CHICAGO?

As a man of my words, my flight is booked, i’m staying in the hotel the fest in in and cannot wait to meet so many Beatles people I have spoken with, had on my radio show, written web pages for, interviewed, hyped their products and truly enjoyed corresponding with. You’ll find me lending “Shannon” a hand at her booth, hugging old friend Ron Campbell, gladly introducing myself  (and Shannon) to Eric Cash, finally getting to meet my friend and guest on my show Bruce Spizer, giving Jorie Gracen a big hug and talking tales of the old fests with Mark Lapidos (if he can spare a minute).

I understand Mark’s situation, as event organizer, coordinator and all around go-to guy for the entire event, he has no time to schmooze, but we’ll see.

Now, speaking of big events…if you are a Beatles fan…than this is even bigger than the Fest. I am organizing and coordinating a Beatles cruise. We’ll be sailing from Ft Lauderdale on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas for six nights starting 3/28/10. Tentatively, I have lined up these guests:

Shannon: The Worlds Greatest Beatles Artist

Eric Cash: Creator of “The Introduction”

Ron Campbell: Director of the Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoons and animator for Yellow Submarine

I am waiting for confirmation from:

May Pang: do I need to tell you who she is!

And Paul Saltzman ” Author of “The Beatles in Rishikesh” and the luckiest man in the world as he was at the Maharishi’s Ashram in India at the same time as the Beatles in 1968.

What…did I hear you say…Will there be music?…what about a Beatles Tribute band?

I’m in negotiation with BritBeat…just the about the (Pete) best of all the Beatles tribute bands.

So stay tuned to this blog, as soon I have the final roster I’ll post it with instructions to reserve your cabin for

The Biggest, Best and Most Unusual Beatles Cruise Anywhere!

Shannon calls this one “Revolution”


My framed lithograph of Ron Campbell’s “Pepperland”


Eric Cash’s newest work called “All You Need Is Love”


Cynthia Lennon calls this her favorite picture of John. It was taken by Paul Saltzman.


If you are at the Fest, don’t hesitate to say hi to me…I’ll be the guy with the biggest smile in the whole room, wearing a truly classic Beatles button.


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