Happy Birthday Paul

It’s June 18th, Paul McCartney’s birthday and I have somethings about Paul that I would like to share.
Many people are under the impression that John Lennon was the driving force behind the Beatles. While it may have been his band originally and he may have been the face and voice and the Beatles in press conferences and most interviews, it wasn’t always like this in the studio. Once inside the EMI’s Abbey Road Studio Paul had a tremendous influence on the final sound of the Beatles music and their repertoire. Could you imagine any of the other Beatles covering Till There Was You? The lst few albums created by Beatles were orchestrated, arranged and inspired by Paul.
I do not stand alone in this observation. While researching material from my website I came across some statements by true insiders that back this up.
Here’s a quote from Geoff Emerick’s book Here There and Everywhere on his initial meeting with the Beatles and his impression of who the leader of the band was:

“Then there was the bass player. He was not only the most conventionally handsome of the four but he was the most friendly and engaging. He was clearly the most interested in how the recording sounded.

Though he didn’t raise his voice like the lead singer did (John), I had the impression that he was the leader of the group. When he spoke, the others listened intently and invariably nodded their heads in agreement, and before each take, he was the one urging them to give it their all.

Looking back on it now, it’s funny how most people thought John as the leader of the Beatles. It might have been his band in the beginning, and he might have assumed the leadership roles in their press conferences and public appearances, but throughout all the years I would work with them, it always seemed to me that Paul, the soft spoken bass player, was the real leader of the group, and that nothing got done unless he approved of it.”

Just a quick note of acknowledgment for the man I consider to be the most gifted musician, composer and singer of this or any other generation.

Oh, and a video i thought you would enjoy.

Happy Birthday Paul

P.S. I would love to take wife to see you in concert this summer so feel free to book a show at the AAA in Miami anytime you’d like another nice little vacation!




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