A Beatles Story

I recently did a little investigation into a story for my new “little Beatles project” so I thought I would tell you about this Beatles story I uncovered.
It all started with a story submitted to the website (that’s right we have set up a section on the website called Share Your Beatles Story, where our readers can do just that) by one of my Facebook friends named Richard Adler. Richard was a friend of Nat Weiss (and one of the winners of our Facebook Beatles trivia contest) who was Brian Epstien’s business partner in the US. Click here to go to that story on the website:
Nat Weiss’ Closet Door: http://www.the-beatles-history.com/nat-weiss-closet-door.html

It turns out that the Beatles stayed at Nat’s NYC apartment when they came to NY to announce the formation of Apple on the Johnny Carson Show.

Then I started reading “Linda McCartney- A Portrait” by Danny Fields. He was also a friend of Nat Weiss and Linda so I excerpted this story about the Beatles, Linda and Nat Weiss from the book and added it in the Share Your Beatles Story section. BTW…it’s pretty good read and I’ll be adding my review of the book to our Beatles Books and Authors section of the website shortly.

Click here for that story: http://www.the-beatles-history.com/the-beatles-secret-nyc-hideaway-nat-weiss-apartment.html

Then I jumped onto the internet to research this further and found a story written by a NY musician named Hash Howard who not only claims to have jammed with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix…at the same time…but to have partied with John & Paul in Nat Weiss’ apartment.

Click here for that story: http://www.the-beatles-history.com/hash-howard-nat-weiss-and-john-and-paul.html

So feel free to check out our little piece of detective work plus all of our new additions to the website like:

* Share Your Beatles Story
* Beatles Animation
* Beatles Photographers

Here’s a little teaser to wet your appetite for this story about the Beatles, Linda and Nat Weiss. The Beatles left Nat a little message in his apartment by signing his closet door.

Enjoy and please feel free to SHARE YOUR BEATLES STORY on our website.

“A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All”

Woody Lifton



2 Responses to “A Beatles Story”

  1. 1 drtombibey November 18, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    I wrote up the Beatles on my blog today.


  2. 2 Vincent Vigil August 30, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    This is very cool! I had heard about the door, but to actually see it! Im in seventh heaven! I also think its great to see a Linda Eastman print by Nat’s head!

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