Preview of my next “Little Beatles Project”

Here is a preview of a very small part of my next “little project” this is the story of the Beatles recording “She Loves You”


July 1st, 1963: Recording of “She Loves You”, the song was written by John and Paul together in a hotel room in Newcastle- upon- Tyne on June 26, 1963.

According to George Martin: “I was sitting in my usual place on a high stool when Paul and John ran through it on their acoustic guitars, George joined in on the choruses. I thought it was great but was intrigued by the final chord, an odd sort of major sixth, with George doing the sixth and John and Paul the third and fifths, like a Glenn Miller arrangement. They were saying “It’s a great chord! Nobody’s ever heard it before!” Of course I knew that wasn’t quite true…..


Engineer Norman “Hurricane” Smith remembers this about the session: “I was setting up the microphone when I saw the lyrics on the music stand. I thought I’ll just have a quick look. ‘She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah’. I thought Oh My god what a lyric! This is going to be one that I do not like. But when they started singing it- bang, wow, terrific, I was up at the mixer dancing around.


Second Engineer Geoff Emerick remembers this about that day: “I met Neil Aspinall that day as he stuck out his hand to shake mine, I asked him where are the Beatles were & he gave me a funny look and said “The boys are out in the alley having their pictures taken…that is if the fans haven’t torn them to bits yet.” A few minutes later the boys burst in and everyone seemed especially exuberant and excited about the fans outside. John made a joke about the “barbarians storming the walls.” In those early days of BEATLEMANIA, there always seemed to be at least a hundred girls camped outside the studio in hopes of seeing one or more of the group dash to and from their cars. On this particular day, the Beatles had, unusually, shown up hours before the session to pose for pictures in an alleyway behind the studio, giving the girls plenty of time to call their friends, and now the crowd had swelled even larger than usual. By climbing on the top of the walls around the studio perimeter, the girls could see them, and the four Beatles had been had been waving and smiling to them throughout the afternoon, adding fuel to the fire. ….


As John, Paul and George tuned up in the studio, I was moving the microphone on the bass amplifier back, Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall burst in shouting “FANS!” John said “What the bloody hell are you on about?”….


Before Mal could get out the answer, the studio door flew open and a determined teenage girl sprinted in, heading straight for a bewildered looking Ringo, hunched behind his drum kit. Instinctively, Neil launched himself at her in a perfect American football style tackle and brought her to the ground. As Mal dragged the sobbing teenager out the door, Neil caught his breath and broke the news: somehow the huge crowd of girls had overpowered the police and broken through the front door. Dozens of rabid fans were racing around the EMI facility is desperate search of the Fab Four.  “It’s a bloody madhouse out there. You’ve got to see it to believe it” shouted Neil.  The head of Security, John Skinner, poked in his head and said “Is everyone alright? We better barricade the door until we can round them all up.” Curious, I poked my head out the door and what I saw astounded, amazed and even frightened me…but it also made me burst out in laughter. Scores of hysterical screaming girls were racing down the corridors chased by a handful of out-of-breath, beleaguered London bobbies. Every time one would catch up with a fan another two or three would go racing past. They didn’t’ know whether to hang on to the one they had or go after the others. Doors were opening and slamming shut with alarming regularity, terrified staffers were having their hair pulled  (just in case they happened to be a Beatles in disguise), and everyone in sight was running at top speed. The fans were totally out of control. The grim determination on their faces, punctuated by their animal like screaming made the whole thing even more bizarre. I went back to the studio to find a grim faced Mal Evans (he was 6’6”) standing on guard with his arms crossed, and John , Paul and George running around the studio imitating them. Throughout the rest of the day Neil would periodically burst into the studio with updated reports on the state of the fan siege. ….


There’s no doubt in my mind that the excitement of the day helped spark a new level of energy in the group’s playing. “She Loves You” was a fantastic song, with a powerhouse beat and a relentless hook. Norman Smith and I agreed that it was destined to be a hit. There was a level of intensity in that performance that I had not heard before and have rarely heard since. I still judge that single to be one of the most exciting performances of the Beatles entire career.


Well, what do you think?….


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