Pop Go the Beatles Update!

Wow, what a crazy month this has been. Ever since the review of Pop Go the Beatles came out in Beatlology Magazine we’ve been on a wild ride. Our website, www.popgothebeatles.com, usually gets about 40 visitors a day. Right after the review it went to 80 per day, then the review was picked up by www.whatgoeson.com which sent the number of visits to over 400 for a few days. Then www.collectorsmusicreviews.com  picked it up and kept the insanity going (thank goodness). They have also asked me to become a reviewer of Unauthorised Beatles CDs, so watch for my reviews on their webite soon.

If that wasn’t enough we have another review and an interview with me coming out in the September Issue of Octopuss’  Garden  and a set of our shows is on the way to be reviewed by Steve at http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/  one of the best Beatles Websites around.

Pop Go the Beatles is still being broadcast every Tuesday night @ 9:00 PM EST on www.myspace.com/realmuzicwebradio  . Special thanks to Justin Rovens for having the balls to broadcast the show when no one else would.

The show will soon be broadcast on the weekends on Radio Revolution No. 9 (part of the Hot Spot Radio Network) a 24/7 radio station dedicated to the music of the Beatles. Pop Go the Beatles will be the featured show on this network. I’ll keep you up to date as to when the broadcasts start.


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