4th Annual Cruise For Beatles Fans

The Cruise For Beatles Fans 2013

Boca Raton, Florida- The fourth annual Cruise for Beatles Fans (formerly known as the Beatles Tribute Cruises) has put together another Star Studded cast of Beatles friends and musicians to entertain their private group of Beatles fans. The cruise will set sail from Ft Lauderdale on March 3rd 2013 for 7 nights to the Caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean’s ALLURE OF THE SEAS. The cruise will make stops in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, Phillipsburg, St Martin and the Nassau, Bahamas.  During the cruise VIP guests will be enjoying private concerts, Question and Answer sessions and picture and autograph sessions with the Special Beatles Guests, Beatles Trivia and Name That Tune contests and much more.

Special Beatles Guests:

Mark Hudson- Back by popular demand, the incomparable Mark Hudson is a Grammy Award winner and formerly was Ringo Starr’s producer. This cruise is Mark’s priority because he loves the relaxation, intimacy and attention that allows a significant interlude to his hectic agenda.  He will tell the stories about working with The Beatles, Ozzie Osborn, Aerosmith, Celine Dion and Ringo Starr. You will be thoroughly entertained by his cool breeze style, laughing at his story-telling prowess.

Joey Molland- Guitarist for the Apple band “Badfinger” that put out such memorable hits as “Day by Day”, “Come and Get It” (written and produced by Paul McCartney), “No Matter What” and “Baby Blue”, This is Joey’s first journey on the Cruise For Beatles Fans. The private group of cruisers will enjoy Joey’s stories of being on stage at the Concert for Bangladesh, working with George Harrison and Todd Rundgren on Badfinger’s Straight Up LP.  Joey recently released his autobiography “Badfinger and Beyond” and will have copies of it and his Badfinger CDs available for purchase during the cruise.

Billy J. Kramer- Billy was the lead singer of Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, one Brian Epstein’s biggest bands (besides the Beatles) and had hits with a number of Lennon/McCartney tunes like “Do You Want To Know A Secret”, “Bad To Me”, “From A Window” and “I Call Your Name”. Currently he’s working on an original CD with his new phenomenal band and we’re sure he’ll have plenty on hand to personally autograph for VIP guests who join us on The Cruise for Beatles Fans 2013.
Revolution- this band was such a hit on the last cruise that we brought them back for more Beatles fun. We know this is one of the best Beatles Tribute bands in the world and obviously, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line agrees with us as Revolution has been a headline act for the cruise line for over ten years.

Joe Johnson-returning for his fourth Cruise for Beatles Fans as EMCEE, he is the brilliant host of the nationally syndicated radio show Beatle Brunch. He will entertain and amuse the audience with Beatles Trivia Contests awarding valuable prizes to VIP guests with the answers. So brush up on your knowledge of The Beatles because you know the answers Don’t Come Easy!  His charming and candid interviews with all the Special Guest performers will delight you.

For more information about cabins, ship itinerary, pricing or past Cruises for Beatles Fans go to http://www.MusicInMocean.com  the ONLY place to register for this special Beatles vacation.


Billy J. Kramer


Joey Molland


Mark Hudson


Joe Johnson


BTC 2012 Report

The third annual Beatles Tribute Cruise has just ended and I need to get my thoughts and emotions down while they are still fresh in my head. This cruise was totally different from the past two as our group of 200 Beatles fans shared in the experience of seven concerts in seven nights including three All Star Jams. It all started the first day as Angela (our fantastic travel coordinator) and I met with our Special Guests to go over the program. I was immediately hit with a great surprise as stepping in as George for REVOLUTION was Jimmy Pou who I consider to be the best George Harrison impersonator in the world. Jimmy is an old friend of mine and we hit it off right from the start. Next I approached Tim Piper (REVOLUTION’S John and its leader) and asked him if he minded if Laurence Juber and Mark Hudson joined the band on stage for a few numbers. He responded that he would love that and so that night at our BTC dance party “L J” and Mark joined the band for three songs. Little did I know that Tim had his own ideas about how to put these two FABtastic performers to good use. Our opening night cocktail reception and Dance Party was a huge hit and our BTCers were dancing to REVOLUTION, “L J” and Mark Hudson till the wee hours of the morning.

Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 featured two Private shows with Guitarist Extraordinaire Laurence Juber thrilling with his performances from a few of the intimate lounges aboard the OASIS of the SEAS.  We all laughed our asses off when Mark Hudson performed two of his one man Rock and Comedy shows (check the BTC Facebook page for Mark’s story about working with Ozzy Osbourne…its hilarious). He is one hell of a performer and incredibly friendly, warm and funny. To say that Mark made a HUGE contribution to the cruise would be a major understatement. Mark and “L J” also offered private guitar and songwriting lessons to a few of our lucky cruisers and it looks like Mark wants to produce one of these songs and release it. It was a very poignant song written by Lee Hall (remember that name) on the night that John was taken from us. I reminded Mark that Brian Wilson wrote “Warmth of the Sun” the night that JFK was shot and he gave me one of those “we think alike” looks and I knew he had something special in mind…we’ll see!!!

We were privileged to have one of the last REAL Beatles Insiders with us in Tony Bramwell who brought with him a few of the films he made with the Beatles and gave us the inside story of what really went behind closed doors on at Apple Corp. Tony was with us last year and we could not have been happier to have us join us again.

Our house band, Revolution played two concerts for us including one from the ship’s main theater where Tim Piper arranged to have “L J” and Mark join him on stage again for three more songs. One of the highlights of the cruise was our Unplugged Celebration of the 48th Anniversary of the Beatles Appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show with Tim Piper, Jimmy Pou, John J. Hepburn (from Revolution) “L J” and Mark Hudson. It was obvious that all the musicians were having a great time and so were our cruisers.

We added a screening of The Love We Make, Trivia Contests with Joe Johnson and our raffle to support Thrive Survive of Los Angeles to round out the program and as they say…A Splendid Time Was Had By All.

I would like to personally thank Donnie G. from Beatle Brunch for his behind the scenes work and his handling of our special guests while on board and his partner Joe Johnson of Beatle Brunch who, for the 3rd year in a row, handled the EMCEE chores with the style and class we have become accustomed to from Joe. It is truly a pleasure working with these two professionals. I would also like to thank Tim Piper and all of the members of Revolution who not only put on three great shows for our group but were open and friendly with all of our BTCers.

I cannot leave out our VERY special guests Laurence Juber, Mark Hudson and Tony Bramwell who took the time and effort to not just put on great shows but to take pictures with every guest and graciously sign every autograph there were asked to. A group of gentlemen I would be proud to have with me on any of our Beatles Tribute Cruises.

I must take a moment to thank Angela Dedomenico who put this whole thing together. Working on a Cruise Ship to put together an event is nothing like working in a hotel. Every detail has to be approved by the Cruise line and then they have the right to rearrange your schedule anytime they want. Angela used all of knowledge and clout to hold our schedule together. This is on top of booking cabins for 200 people and handling most of their travel arrangements. It’s a monumental task and Angela makes it look easy…it’s not!

I would also like to thank the 200 Beatles Fans who joined us from all over the world. It was obvious how much fun they were having and that makes all the work and planning worth it.

Now…time to start planning  Beatles Tribute Cruise 2013…as always Angela and I promise it will be Bigger and Better!!!

All Star Jam from Opening Night

All Star Jam from Opening Night

Mark Hudson, Laurence Juber and REVOLUTION!!!

Just Ten Cabins left for Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012

With less than 90 days to go until it sets sail, The Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 has just 10 cabins left.

Beatles Tribute Cruisers will have the opportunity to get Private Lessons from two Grammy Award Winners. Two time Grammy Award winner Laurence Juber will be offering private guitar lessons and Mark Hudson (co-writer of the Grammy Award Winning Aerosmith song “Livin on the Edge”) will offer Private Songwriting lessons.

There will be 7 concerts during the 7 night cruise. Laurence Juber will perform twice, as will Mark Hudson and Beatles Tribute Band Revolution. Plus Revolution’s John, Tim Piper will be performing a special acoustic version of his critically acclaimed Lennon solo show “Just Imagine”.

The Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 sets sail on on February 4 aboard Royal Caribbean’s FABulous Oasis of the Seas and makes stops in Falmouth Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico and Labadee!

Ticket to Ride

Here’s another great article about Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012…btw…do you have your “Ticket to Ride”  on BTC 2012??? Just 15 cabins left…don’t be left at the dock when this incredible Beatles Themed Cruise sets sail on the OASIS of the SEAS!!!

Ticket to Ride.

Another Story about the Beatles

When you operate a fairly popular Beatles website (http://www.BeatlesHistory.com) you get all kinds of interesting emails. No, not the ones about increasing traffic to the website or increasing the size of my…well…if you get any emails you know what I’m talking about. The latest was a story for a guy who had chance encounter with the Beatles in 1960. His name is Bill Munnoch and here is the story he sent me.

Hi Woody,

I went to a concert at the Northern Meeting rooms in Inverness and Nairn, about May 1960 and I was almost finished my army basic training at Fort George. We were in uniform and looking for girls aftter being stuck in camp for 3 months and best place then was dance halls. After the 2nd concert I was outside having a ciggie leaning against an old scruffy van when I was approached by a real scruff carrying a guitar. He placed the guitar in the van then asked me for a light for his fag. I remember it was his last one, we chatted for a while and he told me his name was Paul Moran (Paul used the stage name Paul Ramone for a while in 1960…WL) or something like that. A short time later along came this tall skinny guy and he placed a guitar in the van, asked Paul for a fag, told there was none left, turned to me and scrounged 1 from me. He said his name was John Lennon. He then asked me about my uniform and was it true you Jocks don’t wear anything under their Kilts.I replied the RSM would have our guts for garters if we wore anything, when he then leaned over and attempted to lift the hem of my kilt, I told him to bugger off and laughing he then asked me if I had saw the show. I told him I had saw them twice,and that someone called Gentle (I forgot his first name…it was Johnny…WL)who was the top of the bill was better than them. I remember telling Lennon that they would never amount to anything in the rock ‘n roll world and they would be better going home and joining the army or getting a real job, as they were really crap. Lennon’s reply was prophetic he told me that “You will hear a lot more about us sooner than you think Jock, that I guarantee”. I then said I had to go and get a bus back to camp before I was marked absent. I handed Paul a few ciggies and a box of matches because I felt quite sorry for them as they looked in need of a good feed and skint.

There you are Woody all true, my sons have been asking me to tell this story as they love to hear it when they bring my grandchildren to dinner, and now you know it.

So….what do you think…can any of my British friends tell me about this show?

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride.


More great publicity for Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012

Beatles Tribute Cruise to Support Thrive Survive of Los Angeles

Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 is proud to announce that this year’s cruise will be a fundraiser for Thrive Survive Of Los Angeles. Founded by Nico Juber (BTC 2012 headline entertainer Laurence “L J” Juber’s daughter), Thrive Survive is an organization dedicated to offering young adult cancer survivors the help and resources they will need to move forward successfully with their lives.

Laurence "L J" Juber




Thrive Survive of Los Angeles is a project of The Giving Back Fund and a 501 (c) (3) organization so all donations are Tax Deductible.

During the cruise there will a raffle with hundreds of Beatles related items like autographed books, DVDs, CDs, Beatles toys, games, Artwork, clothing plus special silent auctions of products donated by a single company or corporation.

According to Nico Juber “We’re so honored and delighted to be chosen again as the official charity of the Beatles Cruise 2012. The support of BTC allowed us to flourish in 2011, creating a unique support group, several community programs, as well as forming partnerships with local businesses and medical practitioners, allowing us to provide concrete resources and community support programs for young adult survivors once treatment has ended. Every dollar donated makes a difference to our organization. The ongoing support in 2012 will be critical to our continued growth in Los Angeles and beyond.”

Nico Juber and Sunshine Esteves

BTC Host Woody Lifton. “For us to able to keep out support within our BTC community is a real blessing, “L J” and his wife, Hope, have made a huge contribution to the success of these cruises and this is our way of showing our gratitude.”

BTC 2012 sets sail on 2/4/12 from Ft Lauderdale for 7 nights aboard Royal Caribbean’s OASIS of the SEAS. Joining “L J” as a special guest will be Mark Hudson, Tony Bramwell, Revolution – Tribute to the Beatles, Tim Piper (Revolution’s John who will perform a special BTC version of his critically acclaimed Lennon solo show “Just Imagine”), and Joe Johnson (Host and creator of Beatle Brunch). BT Cruisers will experience 7 concerts in 7 nights, (two each from “L J”, Mark Hudson & Revolution and one from Tim Piper) plus movies, Beatles Trivia and Name That Tune games and be able to get private guitar lessons from “L J” and private songwriting lessons from Mark Hudson. There will also be a VERY special Celebration with all guests for the 48th Anniversary of the Beatles first Ed Sullivan Show appearance.


BTC Travel Coordinator Angela Dedomenico “We’re almost sold out, I had to make special arrangements with the cruise line for 6 additional cabins, so if you want to join this cruise I suggest you make your reservations as soon as possible. We don’t want you left at the dock when BTC 2012 sets sail.”

For all the information you need just check out the Beatles Tribute Cruise website.


BT Cruisers to Get PRIVATE Lessons from TWO Grammy Award Winners

The news just keeps getting better for those who will be cruising on the Oasis of the Seas for Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012. Along with 7 concerts in 7 nights music lovers within this private group will have the rare opportunity to receive private guitar lessons from Laurence “L J” Juber and private songwriting lessons from Mark Hudson.

Mark Hudson, who is currently starring in Season 2 of VH1’s Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, co-wrote 64 songs with Ringo Starr including all the songs on his Liverpool 8 LP and co-produced 9 of his albums. Mark co-wrote the Grammy Award Winning song “Livin’ on the Edge” with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and co-wrote a total of 12 songs for the band and co- produced one of their LPs. Mark will perform two of his unique Rock and Comedy Shows for the private group of Beatles Tribute
. These shows will take place within one of the ship’s lounges giving
fans an up close and intimate experience.

Two Time Grammy Award winner and former WINGS lead guitarist Laurence “L J” Juber will be performing twice from these same intimate settings as well. Last year’s group of BT Cruisers were thrilled with “L J’s” two shows with some calling it the most incredible display of guitar playing they had ever seen. Shane Levine of Los Angeles said “I was amazed at the how he made the Beatles and Wings catalogue come alive with a new twist…despite playing just one instrument”. BTCer Bob Perrett
was one of the cruisers who received private lessons from “L J” last year and
thrilled that “L J” would be back for the 2012 cruise. “I’m already signed up
for lessons again and cannot wait to learn from “L J” again”.

Beatles Tribute Cruisers will be enjoying 2 shows from REVOLUTION– Beatles Tribute Band and from Revolution’s John Lennon, Tim Piper they’ll witness a special BTC version of his critically acclaimed Lennon solo show “Just Imagine”.

Mix in films and stories from Beatles bud Tony Bramwell, Beatles Trivia and Name That Tune with Joe Johnson of Beatle Brunch and a vendor show with Beatle goods you can see why this Beatles Themed cruise has become so popular. According Cruise Coordinator Woody Lifton, “It’s the only Beatles event where the Special Guests leave
knowing who YOU are. You get more than just a handshake and an autograph…you
walk off the ship as their friend.”

Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 sets sail from Ft Laudersdale on 2/4/12 for 7 nights aboard Royal Caribbean’s OASIS of the SEAS.

For more information about Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 go to


Laurence "L J" Juber

Joe Johnson and Mark Hudson






Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012

Cabins for Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 have been on sale since 6/1/11. In that time frame over 110 people have signed on to join this fantastic Beatles themed cruise. Currently we have just 25 cabins available in our inventory. If you are planning on joining us I suggest you reserve your cabin as soon as possible as this cruise will sell out.

We are limiting our group to just 160 people in order to keep our 7 concerts in the OASIS of the SEAS most intimate venues. You’ll get to experience Laurence  “L J” Juber’s fantastic two acoustic guitar shows up close and personel. Wait until you see what “L J’ can do with just one guitar.

You’ll be in the front row when Mark Hudson takes the stage for two of his VERY unique Rock and Comedy Shows.

Beatles Tribute Band REVOLUTION will have you dancing the night away during their Beatles Dance party and REVOLUTION’S Tim Piper will move you with his special BTC version of his critically acclaimed show “JUST IMAGINE”.

Beatle bud Tony Bramwell will have his newest book about the Beatles with him and will be showing a very special film of his time with those boys.

And, of course, Joe Johnson will be aboard to EMCEE our cruise and run his Beatles Trivia and Name That Tune contests.

So…don’t wait…don’t hesitate and don’t be late to reserve your cabin…we would hate to see you standing at the dock when the Oasis of the Seas and our group of Beatles fans and entertainers set sail on 2/4/11.

Here is the link to a great article about the cruise with a slide show of pics and a very nice write up!!

See you on board




We want YOU to join us on BTC 2012



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